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The full fledged Computer Science and Engineering department is equipped with both hardware and software facilities consisting of Basic Programming Lab, Advanced Computer Lab Internet and Server. Most of the Software and Language are available to the students. The Advanced Lab meets the needs of the senior students in the higher semesters. In addition to above, for DBMS, the department has Visual FoxPro and RDBMS, the ORACLE 81. Multimedia programming facilities with latest software are also available to the students. An internet and web surfing lab has been the attraction for most of the students.

The Server rooms with Novell 4.1- 4x and Linux 7.2 along with 4 numbers of 100 MBPS switches and Patch panels have a number of high power and latch time rating UPS installed to take care of power failure during college hours for uninterrupted services.

Best 5 projects undertaken by students:

Prison Management
Data transfer using Radio Wave
Security system using LDR
File Utility Services ,Telecontrol System

Best 5 ERP Projects :

Electronics Industrial Timer
Electronics Quartz Analog Clock
Microbial Enzyme Accelerated Fruit Juice Extraction
Network Services and Solutions
Krypton Software Solution

Labrotory :


Programming Lab
Multimedia Lab
Project Lab
Database Engg. Lab
Computer Architecture and Organization Lab
Internet Lab
Computer Network Lab